Quality, Health, Safety and Environment


TDW understands how important Quality and HSE are to an industry where the stakes are high and keeping product in the pipeline is paramount. Our uncompromising commitment to protecting people and the communities where we operate supports your mission every step of the way.


Quality is an integral part of every job. It is every employee’s responsibility to ensure we are in compliance with regulations, stay customer focused and continuously improve. ​

Quality is a point of pride for us. With our depth of experience, wealth of expertise and duty of care, TDW is capable of setting the standard for quality across the industry. ​ 

TDW quality management is centered upon these fundamental strategies:

  • Ensuring strict compliance to all regulatory, customer, industry and internal processes. We achieve this by proactively identifying, understanding and maintaining requirements.
  • Maintaining customer focus and making it easy to do business with TDW. We achieve this by exceeding expectations on delivery of products, services and issue resolution.
  • Driving continuous improvement by assessing, simplifying and standardizing processes to improve quality and then training employees to integrate lessons learned into every day work habits.
The world’s most trusted solutions provider is the world’s safest solutions provider.

Bob McGrew, President & CEO

Health, Safety and Environment


TDW Safe means working in a way that keeps everyone safe, every day. To achieve that level of safety it takes leadership, improved processes and consistent behaviors. We have to be able to spot the unexpected and quickly adapt to mitigate hazards. We are committed to:

  • Improving processes and spotting potential failures.

  • Listening to employee feedback who have the hands-on knowledge of the task.

  • Building an infrastructure that allows performance at a higher, safer level.

  • When implementing processes, learn from other parts of the company faster preventing customers from making the same mistakes.

  • Teaching customers how to plan for things to go right, instead of reacting once they go wrong.


    Our HSE program is comprised of a network of defenses:

    Assessment: We examine all worksites and activities for potential hazards.

    Monitoring: We track workers’ exposures to potential health hazards to make sure they don’t exceed regulated limits.

    Awareness: TDW regularly suggests preventive measures, activities and exercises that can help reduce health risks.


    Each day we arrive at work assuming we will go home at the end of our day. We assume we will be safe. While a positive attitude is important, at TDW we want to build the kind of culture that teaches us all to spot the unexpected and quickly adapt to mitigate any hazards.  


    To protect the environment, we comply with all government regulations and follow industry best practices. If the unthinkable happens, and something goes wrong, we have response plans to keep environmental impact to a minimum.

    We also build environmental safeguards directly into products that minimize the risk of product escape and eliminate the need to depressurize pipelines or flare gas.