Pigging Technology

2 days

Fees are TBD.


Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

Dates Available
Schedule by request




The course is designed to provide general knowledge of the basics of pipeline pigging operations, the many different types of pipeline pigs available, how to select the proper pig for specific pigging operations, how to recognize and respond to abnormal operating conditions that may occur during a pigging operation, and how to launch & receive pigs in an operating pipeline. Class schedules are based on 2 days of actual training and testing. Each class will have a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 students from single or multiple registered participants. TDW Pigging Technology Course (2 day) cost is TBD. TDW LR50 Performance Verification for Launching and Receiving of Pigs cost is also TBD.

Note: if performed during a non-scheduled class, an additional fee will apply.

Who Should Attend

TDW recommends that engineers, operators, foremen, trainers and hands-on personnel participate in these classes.

Other Important Info

Each participant must cover any other expenses, such as hotel, meals, and transportation to and from Tulsa, etc.

Health & Safety

Please wear casual clothes and steel-toed shoes. Hard hats, eye protection and hearing protection will be provided.


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