POLYSTOPP® Quick Connect

Part of the comprehensive gas distribution systems offering from TDW, the revolutionary POLYSTOPP® Quick Connect system makes it easy to safely perform tapping, plugging and branching on polyethylene (PE) pipelines – twice as fast as other methods of isolating and uses significantly less excavation space.


When it comes to PE Pipeline isolation, it’s about time for something BETTER. Traditional Isolation Equipment vs the TDW POLYSTOPP® Quick Connect System: Twice as fast as other methods of isolating. Tapping process 8 minutes. Isolation process 2 minutes. Completion Process 2 minutes. Total Time of Operation: 14 min. 150 psi / 10 bar. 4 - 8 inches / DN 90 – DN 200. 2-inch bypass capable. Easy to use. Lightweight. Tapping air motor available. Uses significantly less excavation space. Branching and plugging fittings available. SDR 11 - SDR 17. Demonstration only, lines are not pressurized. POLYSTOPP® Quick Connect System. Safe. Quick. Reliable.