TDW Day of Caring 2020

United Way Day of Caring may have looked a little different from our previous years but our caring for our communities is something we take great pride in at TDW. Every day in every way, our people are the heart of everything we do. This year we were especially proud to LIVE UNITED.


I would like to inspire others to volunteer. We are blessed, and I believe it is our duty to give back. We still felt like we were a part of something and connected with a sense of community. So in a way, it was like. We were all together participating for one common goal. If we can let our viewers know that they're appreciated and if we can get a smile from a senior citizen and if we can plant the idea of science in a kid, then I think we're absolutely making a difference. And I am very happy to contribute with my grain of sand. You know, the kind of volunteer work that we did this year and how it made people feel possibly meant more this year, being able to get back in the community I think is awesome.  And I can't help but to think that there's fewer ways for everybody to win. Right. If you can imagine everyone in the world just contributing a little bit in a volunteer capacity, what a collective impact that would have on the world. We all get caught up in the day to day and we kind of forget that we can give back or we should give back. So doing it this year and getting caught up in everything else, it felt better this year. I would say you don't do volunteer work to seek joy, satisfaction or gratification, but it kind of happens that way and it gives you a sense of purpose. Just doing it with the hope and knowing that it's impacting people brings me joy and assurance of yes, I am making an impact.