Intervention & Isolation


Preserve Uptime

Hot tapping and plugging (HT&P) creates safe work zones during pipeline maintenance and pipeline repair, without the time, risk or expense of shutting down the pipeline system. There’s no decommissioning, depressurization or significant impact on product flow.

For decades, TDW has been a trusted source of advanced isolation equipment that meets the highest performance standards, including hot tapping machines, fittings, valves and plugging heads. Our certified specialists ensure that our technology provides the solutions you need, efficiently and with less risk.

Intervention & Isolation Products

intervention-and-isolation Products

hot tapping and plugging machines

Tapping Machines

Used to make a new connection into a live pipeline, our tapping machines can be used on a…

hot tapping and plugging fittings and valves

Valves & Fittings

TDW offers split tee, 3-way, spherical, reduced branch split tee, welded and other…

hot tapping and plugging machines

Plugging Machines

Plugging machines allow operators to safely and reliably isolate in-service sections of…

hot tapping and plugging services

Field Services

Our hot tapping and plugging teams use world class technology to create safe work zones…